Preserve Classical, Vintage and Veteran Motorcycles, Mantaining and Diffusing its Culture

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Parts Available

Who needs a part to restore its bike, take a look here.
Catalogues and Manuals

Parts List, Workshop Manuals and Owner's Manual. The largest selection on earth

Boutique and Tires

Helmets, accessories, tires and something else.
T- Shirts

T-shirts with the original logos of the manufacturers. An incredible tour on the old bike logos.


Parts and accessories to turn your modern bike into a classical bike.


*Tank treatment, mechanics, restoration, painting etc.


The majority of the stock is composed by water slide transfers, for the applications of surface protection varnish. Vinyl transfers are also available. 
Tombstone Phrases

Phrases like:
"Antique bikes, a passion without age limit."

Collectors Hall and History of the Brands

The collectors and their marvellous machines
Motorcyles for Sale

Here anounces who "wants to sell" 


Where and when to go with your antique bike?
 Suggested Links

Links to other sites related to antique bikes.


See the photographs and the history of several classical motorcycle makers (available for the below links - see also the complete collectors's hall of our group such as:

AJS, Ariel, BMW,   BSA, CZ, Csepel, DKW, Douglas, Ducati Durkopp, Excelsior, FBMHarley Davidson, Honda, Horex, HRD Vincent,  Indian, James, Jawa, Kawasaki,  Lambretta , Matchless, Montesa, Moto Guzzi, MZ, Norton, NSUPannonia, Puch, Royal Enfield, Sunbeam, Suzuki, Triumph, Vespa, Victoria YamahaZundapp,.

Classic, Vintage and Veteran Bikes is Here: